Shaw Method Teachers

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  • California - Davis

    Stephen Brown, M.AmSAT, PhD

    Steve has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2002. His students come from many backgrounds: people with chronic pain, athletes, performers, artists, dressage, and health professionals. His work with athletes is enriched by his professional experience playing and teaching golf, and since 2006 he has been helping ultra runners compete in the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Stephen is also a Shaw method instructor, a practice where Alexander Technique principles are applied to swimming.
  • California - San Francisco

    Josephine Gray

    I started Art of Swimming lessons with Stephen Shaw in 1999. As a professional musician I needed to find a form of exercise that created tone and fitness so that I can play five hour rehearsals without experiencing strain or fatigue. The Art of Swimming method ensures that my swimming is economic, pleasurable and functional. I certified as an AT teacher in 1998 and find teaching in the pool a rewarding experience. Interested in applying Alexander Technique to swimming? Josephine is one of two certified Shaw Method teachers in the Bay Area. The Shaw Method has taken the life changing qualities of the Alexander Technique into the pool, creating a unique approach to swimming that improves poise, enhances inner calmness and promotes good body alignment while minimizing the risk of strain. Steven Shaw founded the method in 1987, and he has redesigned the approach to learning each stroke making them accessible to all, whatever your age or starting point. All teachers work with you in the water. This means they can give clear demonstrations, communicate easily and offer guidance and direction. For more information visit

    “Before taking this course all I was able to do was tread water and paddle around a bit and now I am regularly swimming full laps, which to me, seems nothing short of miraculous. Right from the start, this non-resistant technique changed the way I viewed swimming entirely. Jo is an expert teacher and very patient with beginners. I would enthusiastically recommend her for all levels of swim instruction.” -Dan Carbone
  • California - San Jose & Bay Area

    David Levitt, M.AmSAT

    David is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher. He also teaches the Shaw Method, a performance enhancing, therapeutic practice where Alexander Technique principles are applied to swimming. David is a PADI SCUBA instructor and internationally published underwater photographer as well. He found the Alexander Technique after being told by a leading orthopedic surgeon that he should never exercise or do anything strenuous again due to a range of musculoskeletal issues. The Alexander Technique resolved his arm, neck, and back injuries and the Shaw Method of swimming allowed him to engage in frequent and vigorous exercise with ease.
  • Illinois - Chicago

    Phyllis Richmond, M.AmSAT, MA
    (214) 769-4502

    Phyllis is certified as an Alexander Technique teacher by both AmSAT and STAT. She has been teaching in Dallas TX since 1991 and will be moving to Evanston, IL in 2013. She taught in the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University until 1998 and since then in the College of Music at the University of North Texas. She also teaches privately in Dallas and Arlington TX, and she offers workshops in universities and professional programs in the US and abroad, most recently in Taiwan. She has worked extensively with performing artists and with individuals with musculoskeletal and postural problems of all ages. She is the editor of AmSAT Journal, the professional journal of the American Society for the Alexander Technique. She also practices and teaches Tai Chi Chuan. Phyllis is a passionate swimmer, ever since her father taught her to float when she was 7 years old. While she was training to be an Alexander Technique teacher and swimming regularly, she became interested in applying the principles of the Technique to swimming, so she began studying the Shaw Method. She holds the Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certificate as well as being a Shaw Method instructor. She loves helping people be more comfortable in the water and discover the joy of swimming.
  • New York - New York City

    Glenn Kenreich, M.AmSAT
    (646) 765-8576

    I grew up on a farm in Ohio and the family were lucky to have a spring-filled pond out back where we could swim. I remember just getting into the water and my brothers teaching me to dog paddle with my head above water. Eventually I learned to hold my breath and swim underwater as far as possible. Obviously, Shaw Method hadn’t been invented then! As an adult I tried to teach myself better technique from a book, but ended up with a very flat front crawl, with a high elbow recovery. Worst of all, I lifted my head to breathe. Even when I later trained as an Alexander teacher I couldn’t seem to do anything to release the tightness I felt in my neck and shoulders when swimming. I had my first lesson with Steven Shaw in 1999 and began to completely change my swimming. I’ve been a Shaw Method teacher since 2008, and combine my work in the pool with my Alexander Technique practice in New York City. I also teach in Washington DC.
  • New York - New York City & Brooklyn

    Dan Cayer, M.AmSAT

    In addition to my work as a Shaw Method teacher, I am a certified Alexander Technique teacher, and a former coach to young runners. I value working with a range of students; those who have fear and confidence issues in the water all the way up to competitive swimmers. I found myself on both ends of that spectrum in recent times. After a serious injury, I went from being a collegiate water polo player to barely being able to swim a lap because of pain. I used the Shaw Method to regain health, to refresh my relationship with water, and to swim with ease. Whatever your condition or goal, I will work with you to find more ease and joy in swimming.
  • Maryland - Takoma Park & Washington D.C.

    Ruth Anne Keister, ATI, LMT
    (301) 565-4924 x306

    Ruth Anne first learned to swim at summer camp, swam regularly while training for a college triathalon and after a running injury in 1993, but finally discovered joy and ease in swimming with Shaw Method lessons beginning in 2006. With a lifelong interest in fitness and health, she is thrilled to offer swimming lessons in the Shaw Method in Washington, DC and Takoma Park, MD. She has studied the Alexander Technique for 15 years and now works as Massage Therapist and Alexander Technique Teacher in Washington, DC and Silver Spring, MD. She helps children, adults, and seniors with a wide range of musculoskeletal issues using classic style massage therapy and private lessons in the Alexander Technique. She graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in 1999 and the Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies Teacher Training program in 2010. Ruth Anne is a student of mindfulness meditation, yoga, and dance, and is an avid cyclist, hiker, and ice skater.
  • Texas - Austin

    Molly B. Johnson, M.AmSAT, PhD
    (512) 537-5369

    Molly started swimming for summer recreation in the lakes near where she grew up in central Missouri. Her love of the water motivated her to study Red Cross swimming instruction and to work as a lifeguard after college before moving on to work as a personal fitness trainer for many years in Boston. Molly has been an Alexander Technique instructor since 2001 and received a PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior in 2010 from the University of Massachusetts to study human motor control and biomechanics related to posture and coordination in healthy individuals and people with neurological issues, such as MS. She also received a postdoctoral fellowship at the Washington University School of Medicine to study what predisposes people to back pain. As a Shaw Method swimming instructor, she is excited to help people of all swimming levels to experience the joy and ease she feels in the water. Still a fan of open-water swimming, Molly loves exploring the spring-fed waters running through Austin, TX, where she teaches the Alexander Technique, old-time music lessons, and Shaw Method swimming.
  • United Kingdom & International

    Art of Swimming Office
    +44 020 8446 9442

    For teachers listings in London and other locations outside of the USA, please contact the Art of Swimming office or visit the website, which maintains the Register of Shaw Method Teachers in all locations. Information on booking private lessons or attending swimming holidays with Steven Shaw is also available through the